Caught in the Middle

We all know how it is to be hopeless. We all know how it is to be hopeful. But today I realized that those opposite ends have a middle ground.


Just A Poem I Wrote

It's been a long time since I last wrote a poem. I actually never thought I'll write one again. But a friend of mine recently lost her Mom who was truly dear to me and so, I wrote this:

Beautiful words aren’t always so beautiful…

But beautiful words aren't always so beautiful...because after everything that has been said people still change and time will pass by.

I Believe in Happy Endings

Fairytales! We all know the stories - the princesses, the princes, the true love's kiss and the happily-ever-afters. We all had that dream once as little girls, or maybe even as boys. When I was a little girl, my Mom would sometimes read us (me and my sisters) bedtime stories. Most of which were fairytales. … Continue reading I Believe in Happy Endings