A Beautiful Mess

Not everybody knows, and most of you wouldn’t know either, but just to inform everyone, I changed the title of this blog recently. I think that was after graduation – when reality suddenly hit me hard. Nah, it’s just that I had more time to work on my blog since then.

So, now, I decided I’d give this subject a go because, why not. While I was browsing through my board in Pinterest, this blog post prompt caught my attention.

So why did I choose “A Beautiful Mess?”

When I was little, I’ve always thought I had a perfect life (or at least, that’s how I remember it now). We didn’t live like kings and queens nor did we live in a mansion but, as a little kid, I thought it was perfect.

It’s not that I didn’t have fights with my sisters or I was given everything I wanted, like toys and stuff. In fact, we did fight a lot and I didn’t always get what I want.

So, basically, it’s not the fabulous, fancy kind of perfect you see in movies. It’s pretty much normal. I don’t even know why I considered it perfect, but maybe it’s because I didn’t feel the lack of anything growing up.

Now, I may not be speaking for every single person in this planet because some may have had bad experiences but I know I’m not alone when I say I want to go back to my childhood because everything was all about fun back then. Watching cartoons after school or playing with my sisters on a weekend. Just simple things like that.

I wouldn’t say I’m not happy with my life right now (I am!) but to say that it’s perfect would be an overstatement. Nothing of this world is perfect, I guess. But I still wonder how something I once thought was perfect would be not-so-perfect for me now.

I came to consider two possible explanations for myself on this. (Yes, I explain to myself!)

First is change. Maybe I remembered my childhood the way it was, but time may have changed a lot of things. Maybe life was really perfect before but then things happened, and now it’s not. There was loss. There was hurt. Mistakes were made. And all those kinds of things that can’t be undone.

Or it may be perspective. At our young age, we don’t really think about a lot of things. I mean, we didn’t have to, our parents do that for us, in most cases – what we’re supposed to eat or wear, where we’re supposed to go. So when we started to decide for ourselves, we learned to see reality and how our choices matter. And then, we start to think about how that affects the people around us. And somehow that alone complicates life.

But either way, it’s our choice. We get to choose how life goes for us from where we are right now. A perfect life should neither be waited upon nor worked for. Good things happen as much as bad things do so it’s always going to be how we deal with it that counts.

So that’s how I got the title.

Life could be as messy as it is, yet still beautiful, if we only learn how to appreciate it for what it REALLY is.

It does not mean we can’t be sad about bad things. Or get stressed over responsibilities. Or regret about what we did or did not do. Or just not be okay. It’s normal to feel all those negative emotions. But what I mean is, we have to learn to look beyond all those details in life and start to see a bigger, better picture.



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