To The One Who Writes For Everyone Else

I’m telling you right now, you should start to learn from what you write.

I know sometimes you can be a better writer than you are as a person. And that’s totally okay. Sometimes, I am, too.

As a writer, you want to give hope to the hopeless. You want to be a beacon in the night. You want everybody else to feel like they’re not alone with whatever they’re going through right now.

But, sometimes, you become the hopeless one. You get yourself into the dark. And you feel like no one understands you in your struggles.

We want to be the person whom we need but we forget to become that person when it’s us who are in need.

It’s okay to write about good stuff when you, yourself, are struggling deep inside but I hope you’ll remind yourself about the things you write.

If you can lift up the spirit of other people, you can do that to yourself, too.

Be that person for yourself.

Lots of love,




8 thoughts on “To The One Who Writes For Everyone Else

    1. I agree. Coz seeing yourself in a different perspective (in this case, in someone else) gives you a different side of what you’re going through and that opens up your mind to understanding the difference between what it is and what it seems to be.


    1. Exactly! Our imperfection makes us relate to others better. Coz honestly there’s no better way of understanding what somebody else is going through than by going through what he’s gone through, right?


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