Those were the best words I’ve heard all my life.

Those words gave me a different perspective in life. I mean I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason. But somehow, the way it is said gives a different kind of feels.

What really made it the best is that the person whom I heard said it didn’t have a good life, or should I say did not have a good start in life. I don’t think I have the right to share her story but tell you what, my life is way better than hers and probably yours is, too. But she said, “Life is beautiful.”

It actually made me think what makes life beautiful for me. Is it the people around me? Is it the satisfaction I get from my achievements? Is it making my parents proud? Is it reaching my dreams and becoming who I want to be?

But then I thought again. What if people fail me? What if I fail my parents and myself? What if my dreams get crushed? Does that mean life isn’t beautiful anymore?

No, not at all! It just tells me that no matter how bad life gets, I’ll always find good in it.

It’s not about expecting the rainbow after the rain. It’s more like learning to enjoy and love the rain. I’m not saying we should be comfortable with pain and suffering. All I’m saying is that it’s a part of life so unless we learn to live through, we’re not really living at all – we’re just kinda like surviving.

So the next time something bad happens, just say to yourself, “Life is Beautiful.” It’ll make you feel better, works for me.



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