Writing – It’s An Art

I’ve always loved art. Some might even say I’m a frustrated artist. (Well, not really, I only keep that to myself.) I’ve had some art projects that got me through grade school and high school but that’s just about it.

In high school, I did a portrait of my sister in sketch and I did some paintings and some other sketches in charcoal. I’m not saying they were good but it was good enough for me to pass my art classes. But they were not so bad either coz nothing still beats my lack of skills for physical education.

But, on a serious note, when I was in preschool, I guess I could say up until now, I’m very meticulous with coloring inside the lines and following the right color for a certain thing. Like if it’s the sky, it should be blue, and if it’s an apple, it should be red. Sounds like I was good, right? But then, now that I think of it, maybe I just really have a mild case of OCD.

“Instead, life brought me a pen and a paper. That’s why I ended up writing.”

Anyways, I never lost my appreciation for art. I’ve always wanted (and still want to) learn how to paint and do photography. But I guess life didn’t grant me that, even now. Instead, life brought me a pen and a paper. That’s why I ended up writing. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t regret it at all. I love to write but sometimes, I look for something more than black and white – something colorful.

Inspite of that, I believe writing is an art.

I think every writer would say, “I write to express myself.” In fact, this does not only apply to writers. We all write to express ourselves, some people are just better at putting it into a structured piece, but writing is generally a form of expression. That alone makes writing an art.

Well, I’ve also read books, poems, and other masterpieces written by great writers. All with different settings. Different characters. Different plots. But one thing’s common and that is, the life in each of them. Because whatever you read becomes a part of you. You can’t unread what you read just as you can’t unsee what you saw. How it transmits more than what it shows. That’s another thing that makes writing an art.

“I write to tell a story – not mine but others’”

More so, in writing, you tell a story. When I write, I write to tell a story – not mine but others’. Because whatever I write just becomes subject to the readers’ understanding, which, rooted to their perception, will only show them their version of the story. Hence, you put yourself into someone else’s shoes. That is, imagination, which, by definition, is the soul of art.

And lastly, have you ever fell in love with a book character by how the writer describes him or her? Have you ever wanted to go to the beautiful place you pictured out from the words written in a poem? I’m pretty sure you understand what I mean here. How it penetrates your emotions! That definitely makes writing an art!

Writing is an underestimated form of art, if I should say, because of its rigid structure. But look at a music sheet! You can’t get any more structure than that. And it’s black and white, too. But when a musician plays the piece, it becomes music to the ear.

Written words do the same. It goes beyond the pages.

So to all writers out there or should i just say to those who love to write, just love your kind of art.



6 thoughts on “Writing – It’s An Art

  1. I was listening to Neil Gaiman the other day on a podcast, and he was talking about the decline in empathy in the world, and how he believes it to be linked in a decline of people reading fiction. Your post reminded me of this, as reading allows us to embody someone else, it gives us a far better idea of what it is to be someone that watching a tv show or listening to them on the radio ever would.
    Writing is an art form, you’re very right.

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