Where The Heart Is

I wrote a letter to me when I was in 2nd year college for my Graduation Day. I kept it inside my journal for a long time now that I almost forgot I made one.

While I was packing my stuff before leaving for my internship, I found myself sitting beside a pile of old stuff and there I saw it. I was holding it for a while coz I can’t decide whether I should put it inside the box for storage or bring it with me. I was thinking maybe it would be better if I had it with me coz I didn’t want it to get lost. But I also wanted to leave it coz I really wouldn’t need it there and I would be back for graduation anyway. But, well, I ended up slipping it into my laptop case before I left.

Now it has been a week since I started my internship and I’m totally missing home. So, I was looking into my stuff trying to find something to do to keep me occupied. I remembered I brought my coloring book and my favorite comfort book. But right there I saw the letter again. I took it and, well, guess what? I already read the letter. I know, I know, I should have waited. I still have 6 months left til Graduation Day but I guess I just needed something that would make me feel home. And that letter truly made me feel that.

Home is where the heart is, indeed. It’s more than just the house and your address coz I believe I can be anywhere in the world right now and call it my home if I were with the people I care about.

Home is definitely not just a place. Home is a feeling. And that letter gave me that.

Well, I really couldn’t imagine myself writing that letter right now. I mean, exactly how I was feeling or what I was thinking about. But I can vaguely remember that I was writing it late in the evening after I studying for an exam.

Anyways, the comfort our home brings to us is truly beyond reason coz, honestly, even though I know how it feels like when the weekend comes and I’ll be going home, I cannot fully explain how that letter made me feel better today. But this definitely made me realize one thing: That home will forever be where I wanna go back to whenever I feel lost.



4 thoughts on “Where The Heart Is

  1. When I think of home in relation to our kids I tell myself that at one point every child must learn to stay away from home, parents and family else they do not make it. We have to go away from home to make it. Some may make it at home but that is not the norm. We make it out in the world where we meet other people struggling to make it too.

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