“Better” Is Yet To Come

In this world, sometimes, being hopeful is a naïve idea – optimism overdose, I would say.

Have you ever been in a situation where everything seems so bad that you don’t even want to think about it? Well, in those situations, sometimes the last person we’d want to be with is the one full of hopes. I mean, sometimes, you really don’t need someone telling you “it’s gonna be alright” or “things happen for a reason” or “there’s always a next time.” It’s kinda ironic, right? Isn’t it that the perfect time to hear encouragements is when you’re discouraged? But, somehow, the idea of good things during bad times doesn’t seem to sink in because, in the society we live in, we’re taught that it doesn’t always get better. That there are no happy endings. That sometimes you lose. That life’s just unfair.

And so, we claim we’re not the hopeful, naïve ones. We’re not dreamers and we live in this real thing called reality.

But I don’t think so.

We don’t go to school and finish college just because we want to be there on the Graduation Day and receive a diploma with our names on it. We don’t work day and night just because we want to be in our offices and do our jobs. We don’t get into marriage just because we want to enjoy the wedding day.

On a simpler note, we don’t do the things we love just to enjoy it for a moment and then be sad after it happened. We don’t say “hi” and then just say “goodbye.”

The thing is, we don’t just keep struggling with life and think of struggling all the way without wanting it to become better, even just a little bit better. Even the ones who commit suicide hope that after “it,” everything will be alright. The only difference is that the latter doesn’t want the struggle.

Bottomline is: we all live hopeful lives. We hope for tomorrow. We hope for whatever comes after. Because although we’d rather think of bad things that might happen because it sounds more practical and realistic, the fact that we find them bad means we thought of something better and that alone proves we hope that something better is yet to come.



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