What I Learned From Keeping A Journal

You read it right! I keep a journal.

Keeping a journal usually sounds dorky and childish because whenever we hear the word “journaling,” we often think of petty stuff such as girls writing about high school dramas on a pink notebook with the label “My Diary” in sparkly letters.

Well, I believe its entirety isn’t really far from the stereotypical view. (I mean I can’t deny writing dramas in my journal.) It’s still basically about writing what happened and how it happened but minus the “Dear Diary, OMG!!! I saw my crush today…” part – now that’s a variable depending on the person who’s writing. Haha

But, yeah, my journal is my bestfriend. If there’s one thing in this world that’ll help you know me better, it would be my journal. I guess it comes with my love for writing.

So here it goes.

First, I learned to be honest with myself. Honestly, it was really hard at first. I mean sometimes we can be really good at justifying ourselves to ourselves. (Wait! Did that even make sense?) Well, here, have you ever had that feeling that you just keep on denying and you just can’t accept it because you know for a fact that it’s true? Or have you ever did something bad to a person but you keep on telling yourself that the person deserved it anyways, so it’s not your fault, just to comfort yourself? That’s it! Journaling helps us think through these things and it helps us process our feelings and thoughts.

Second, I learned to be alone but not feel lonely. Sometimes, we get those words mixed up. Yes, they go along but they don’t necessarily have to always be together. I mean, you can feel lonely even in the midst of all the people around you. And, anyway, journaling requires you “me” time so basically you learn to be comfortable with yourself.

Third, I learned to be grateful. You just can’t look back in life without realizing that every thing turned out to be alright even though it did not go as planned. I had my share of those experiences but I learned to be thankful because I won’t be the person I am now if it wasn’t for everything that’s happened in my past.

And last, I learned to know myself. There’s really not much to say about this one. When you write about yourself and your life, you learn a lot about yourself. It’s like how taking down notes work in enhancing learning.

Well, that’s just about it.

You know the stuff they let us do in preschool where we connect the dots to form a picture… That’s what journaling did for me – it helped me connect the dots of my life, which in turn helped me see the bigger picture of life.



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