Those nights…

There are those nights when you find yourself thinking through a lot stuff that’s been happening and you feel like you’re the only person you can talk about it to. Those nights when you feel like slipping yourself through the sheets and cry until you fall asleep. Even worse, those nights when try to occupy yourself so hard that you end up not sleeping at all.

When those nights come… I look at the moon.

Yes, that old shiny thing that rules the night sky. That’s my companion!

I don’t know what’s with the moon but looking at it makes me feel better. It makes me forget about being alone.

I guess maybe it’s because the moon’s always there and although sometimes I can’t find it – either because of the thick clouds or it’s just not seen – but I’m sure it’s always there. Or maybe it’s because the way it lights up the night sky makes me feel like in the darkest night there will always be light. Or simply because I believe someone out there is also looking at it the way I do and, knowing that, is good enough for me.

Because the Night


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