Beautiful words aren’t always so beautiful…

Who doesn’t want a good old “You look great!” after getting a haircut? Who doesn’t want to be get extra attention while wearing their favourite dress? And who doesn’t want to hear someone say something he or she appreciates about you?

I bet everybody does.

We all love hearing beautiful words from people around us because we need to feel accepted and appreciated once in a while, right?

But I guess beautiful words aren’t always so beautiful…because after everything that has been said people still change and time will still pass away.

I don’t know what really happens but sometimes those words that once made you feel giddy suddenly pierces you straight through because suddenly it’s all just a memory that haunts you every now and then. Suddenly, only the words and the memories that comes with it remains.

I guess that’s so because even the sweetest fruit rots – they just can’t be sweet forever.


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