On the road…

I looove road trips!!! ๐Ÿ’–

When I was little, we always went on road trips with the whole family for adventure. We go to different places trying to fit ourselves in the car. Those times were definitelyย cherished memories of my childhood!

Yesterday we went on a road trip to visit my grandparents. It took us around five hours for the trip.

On the road, a random thought just came to me.

I realized something deep about road trips…

During long drives, we can’t avoid feeling uncomfortable, don’t we? As much as possible we try to stretch out our legs (leg space is my worst enemy) or twist and turn just to loosen ourselves up especially when the car’s so packed. Sometimes, we also need stopovers so that we can get out of the car. But then, after all that, the journey still has to go on.

Of course, we also CAN’T forget our pastimes. Whether it be listening to music, watching movies, looking at the skies or the sceneries, eating crackers and chips (my personal fave) or just sleeping. Whatever it is, we always try to occupy ourselves on the way.

Then finally, we arrive to our destination. There’s just no feeling like it! A sigh of relief is not even enough to describe that feeling. But that’s definitely the first thing I do when we get to the place we’re going.

Now, life’s just like that.

We get uncomfortableย once in a whileย – it may be because of our situations or maybe because of the people aroundย us – and that’s okay but we should learn to rub them off. We may have to just shake things up or we may have to step down and start over again. But either ways, we should go on with the journey.

Moreover, we have to enjoy the journey itself. I know it’s important to have a destination but, like road trips, you can’t be as happy as you should be if you didn’t have fun on the way. It’s like having a bad headache throughout the travel then when you get there, you decide to sleep… JUST SLEEP!!! You missed out a lot by missing out the fun in the journey. So whatever it may take – whether it be blogging or arts and stuff – entertain yourself while we’re on the journey of life because, unlike road trips, life is a one-time experience.

And then the destination. Every road trip should have one, right? So should life! Have you ever thought where you’re heading? Well, I have and though I haven’t been there yet I know “that” feeling will be the same. It will also be worth it! Maybe even more.

So to everyone who’s struggling in life, just hold on to the journey and make sure you have fun!



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