The “Good Girl” Label

Growing up, we are bombarded by a lot of things that eventually teaches us how the society really works. So, what we always see becomes the norm for us. And somehow, during teenage years, rebellion is like a staple.

In movies, as for girls, the popular girl has to be mean. (We all know “Mean Girls,” right?) And as for boys, the bad boy always gets the girl. (I think I don’t have to mention examples here coz there’s just too many to mention.) Which means being good means being naïve and boring.

Well, me? I lived far from rebellion. I lived with a label – “The Good Girl.”

I know there’s still a lot out there so I decided to do this blog post.

If you’re a good girl, I’m sure you also have strict parents – at least in the eyes of your friends. Ironically, you really don’t consider your Mom and Dad strict because you grew up just fine and sometimes, you actually thank them – or maybe they should thank you.

Other than that, one thing very common among good girls is their academic excellence – not to mention all those extra-curricular activities you have to join, too. How else can you show being a good girl than being a good daughter, right? So, other than maintaining straight A’s, you also have to join clubs for leadership and competitions. And for sure, everybody in class knows you by that fact.

Another thing is, if you’re a good girl, you’re kinda relatively late when it comes to physical maintenance. Personally, I really didn’t even bother applying anything on my face and skin in high school. I mean, if I look neat, that’s it! A good ponytail can handle a long day at school.

And you probably didn’t have a rebellion phase. And hearing stories from your friends now make you wish you did. They all had those craziest stories of how the police chased them around and you could only share that one time you were up all night on Facebook or YouTube while your parents thought you were already asleep.

And because of that, you start trying to do crazy stuff but it took you a really loooong while. And to top that, you’re still taking it slowly. A “safe” adventure would be the way to put it.

But after all those stuff, you’re still a good girl – trying to be a good example or trying to follow authority. You’ll always have that part of you.

So to all the good girls out there: Don’t be sad! You didn’t miss out anything in life. You just happened to enjoy it differently.



7 thoughts on “The “Good Girl” Label

  1. I used to get tired of being a “good girl” some times but thanks for reminding me that I actually don’t miss anything in life! Super nakarelate ako.. Thanks ate Hillary! This blog totally inspired me..

    PS. Thanks for sharing sa facebook ate Heather! Hahahaha

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  2. I used to think that being a “good girl” was a bad thing because of the fact that I used to think other people had more fun than me doing “bad” things. Which was and never will be true. Just had to gain a little perspective (:

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  3. Ha! This is so me.

    “…you actually thank them – or maybe they should thank you.” – Hell yeah, they should!

    And this – “A good ponytail can handle a long day at school.” I never quite understood why people spent hours “getting ready” when school is all about running around getting messy.

    Great post you’ve got here Hillary!

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