Beautiful! – It’s not an opinion

They say beautiful is an opinion. You can be the best chocolate cake in the whole world and still somebody doesn’t like chocolate.

However, that’s what we fail to understand. No, beauty is not perfection. It is not the prettiest smile, the most flawless legs, or the picture-perfect hair. Beauty is your face after you cried and wiped off your tears. It is the scars on your knees that remind you of the good old days. It’s the look on your face the moment the alarm goes off in the morning and the mess that you’ve become after a really long and tiring day. Because beauty is a mark of time. It’s when you’ve been through a lot and, yet, you can still put on a smile. For beauty comes from within.

Therefore, true beauty is universal. No eyes will fail to identify it when they come to see it. It’s not a matter of opinion; it’s a matter of fact. If you’re the best chocolate in the whole world, then no one can deny that – even if they don’t like chocolates.


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