What is Love?

“What is love?”

That’s the most cliche of all questions. Whether it be Valentine’s Day or not, whether young or old, or whether you’ve been in a relationship or not, I’m sure you’ve been asked with this question.

I remember answering, “what is love?” for the first time in grade school. It was on a slam book. Well… childhood shenanigans! It’s like an initiation for little girls back in the days – every girl must have at least written an entry on a slam book, if not owned one.

I was still very young back then and I didn’t have any idea about crushes and stuff like that so I didn’t know what to write down. Β However, I remember that my Mom would always read to me Bible stories so the only thing I could think of was the kind of love that’s written in the Bible – God’s boundless love.

So, guess what I answered. “God is love.” Geez! I know, right? It’s everyone favorite memory verse! But then, I was satisfied with it. Maybe because it sounded right.

Nevertheless, now that I think of it, the real question wasn’t answered. I thought that was simply it but I guess I was wrong. It’s really not just about what love is. You can always metaphorically define love — “love is life” or “love is friendship caught on fire” or even “love is blind” — but one question remains unanswered – “How do you know it’s love then?”

It’s easy to say that you love someone because he or she is family and you knew them from the time you were born or they were born. It’s easy to say because they’re family and that’s just it, you ought to love them and they ought to love you back – at least as dictated by the society. No matter what, you are all permanently linked together, either by blood or social contract. But it’s a different story when you have to say the same thing to a person who was once a complete stranger to you. To a person you just met and eventually got along with. Or to a person you just learned to be comfortable with.

Now, if I were asked with that same old question, I probably still wouldn’t know what to answer. All I know is that there are smiles you can’t get enough with. There are faces you’d want to see every single day. There are hands you can’t let go of. There are persons you just can’t afford to miss. All because they are these people who make our lives at least a little bit better.


4 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. You will know when you find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with! Yes, it’s not always smooth sailing but at the end of the day we’d never want to be apart πŸ˜ƒπŸ¦‰

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